University Teaching

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Professor of Musicology, Texas Tech University
Director, Texas Tech Collegium Musicum
Co-director, TTU Medieval and Renaissance Studies Center (2018-22)

First Place President’s Faculty Book Award, 2019
President’s Excellence in Teaching Award, Texas Tech, 2018
Texas Tech Integrated Scholar, 2017
Thomas Binkley Award, Early Music America, 2017
Barnie E. Rushing Distinguished Research Award Texas Tech, 2017
Texas Tech Teaching Academy, 2007

DM (Doctor of Music), Early Music, Indiana University 2011
Certificate in Medieval Studies, Indiana University 1992
MM (Master of Music), Early Music, Indiana University, 1990
Bachelor of Arts, Music Theory & Composition, UMass/ Amherst, 1977

Courses Taught
Performing Ensemble
MUEN3110/5110: Texas Tech Collegium Musicum (Early Music Ensemble)
Performing ensemble averaging between 12-20 members, focusing on music of medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque eras. Integrates the research and pedagogy of historical instruments, vocal practices, and techniques; notations; historical languages; and performance contexts. Regular public performances each year.
Graduate Courses
MUHL5322: Introduction to Historical Performance Practice
Introduces students to the field of historical performance practice, an approach to early western music repertoires that emphasizes the study of a given repertoire within its original historical, social, and cultural performance context. Cornerstone course for the Certificate in Early Music Performance Practice, which I designed and inaugurated in 2010.
MUHL5331: Medieval Music Seminar
A course in medieval music history and literature that emphasizes a research approach that is relevant to both scholars and performers.
MUHL5325: Paleography, Codicology, and Notation, 900-1750
Provides graduate level music students with research tools that are essential to the study of music manuscripts, early music treatises and codices, and early notation. Team-taught with Dr. Stacey Jocoy.
VPA4314: Arts in Contemporary Context
Required core courses for Fine Arts Doctoral Program. VPA 5314 investigates contemporary practices, trends, problems, and values across the (theatre, music, visual art), and fosters an understanding of the ways in which interdisciplinarity informs the contemporary arts.
MUHL5300: Graduate Music History Survey
A leveling course for graduate students who need review and/or remediation in music history in order to successfully complete graduate music history seminars and exit exams.
MUHL5313: Composer Seminar (2)
Two seminars on the works of specific composers’ work and its historical and cultural context: one on Claudio Monteverdi, and one on Hildegard von Bingen.
MUHL5320: [Topics] Music and the Contemplative Mind
An inquiry into the connection between music and contemplative practice through historical accounts, and current research. We also look at case studies of contemporary musicians, and explore the diversity of contemplative practices relevant to musicians.
Undergraduate Courses
MUSI1300: Creating the Critical Listener
Drawing on a diversity of western and global musics, Creating the Critical Listener seeks to develop a set of analytical and contemplative tools that will enable us not only to listen, read, speak, think, and write analytically and accurately about music but also to develop awareness and sensitivity to the comparative ways in which culture predisposes us to listen to, understand, use, and participate in music. Basic research skills are also covered.
MUHL3310: History of Rock and Roll (designer)
In 2003, I designed and inaugurated TTU’s large-enrollment History of Rock and Roll class, taught it for several years, and subsequently served as the supervising faculty for doctoral students teaching the course.
Founder & Faculty Advisor, Grad Certificate in Historical Performance Practice and Research
Thesis/ Dissertation Committees  (45+)
Independent Study Students
Service on Graduate Exam Committees & PhD Core Exams (80+)
Co-Leader, Annual Study Abroad Trip, West of Ireland (2006-present)